Monday, September 15, 2008

Are you tired of spending your hard earned money that comes off???

Celebrity Makeup introduces you to Senegence Makesense Foundation!

Almond MakeSense
MakeSense Foundation with SenePlex® combines cosmetics with skincare to give you an impeccably flawless finish. Oil-free, non-comedogenic and water-resistant, this long-lasting formula can be used on any skin type! The foundation also provides a mechanical shield equivalent to an SPF 15. Combine with the DayTime Moisturizer for an equivalent SPF 30. A portion of proceeds from sales of the foundation are donated to the Make Sense Foundation®, non-profit organization, helping women and children in need.

MakeSense Foundation can be applied with the fingertips or a make-up sponge.

Pump one to two dollops of the foundation either into your hand or onto a sponge.

Lightly place dots of foundation onto your face including the chin, forehead, and cheek area.

Blend the foundation out and upward in light feathery strokes into your hairline.

You've cleaned and moisturized now put on your best face. Each shade of foundation will work on a multitude of skin tones. Spent the weekend in the sun? It's as though your foundation "adjusts" to the slight color difference. Need a little more correcting for seasonal change? Try mixing with the White Blender/Highlighter, a blush or another MakeSense Foundation shade - all the SenseCosmetics are blendable!

Science Behind the Product - Concealer

Here is a partial list of some of the ingredients in the MakeSense� Concealer with SenePlex� and the role that they play:
Cyclomethicone is a silicone which feels silky on the skin, introduces moisture and is a water-binding agent that holds up well, even when the skin becomes wet.
Propylene Glycol is from the tropical island of Vanuatu and used as a skin smoothing and polishing agent.
Urea offers good water-binding and exfoliating properties for skin.
SenePlex� Complex is the combination of unique ingredients and raw materials contained within a delivery system that allows for penetration and delivery of the SenePlex� Complex actives into the second layer of skin, the dermis. SenePlex Complex is an active ingredient that is called a �kinetic enzyme�. That means SenePlex Complex, when delivered into the skin, creates energy that makes cells grow from the bottom layer up to the surface layer at a faster rate�.therefore, increasing the cellular renewal process by an average of over 23% per user � independent laboratory tested and verified! Which, in turn increases the skin�s:
Moisturization (more natural moisture in cells)
Luminosity (light reflects off of moisture in cells)
Firmness & Elasticity (natural collagen and elastin improve skin�s performance) by almost 50% per user within 8 weeks of use!

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