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Transform your skin from Summer to Fall!

Featured in this month's SeneService, I am proud to announce our latest products, including our newest, most advanced SeneGence SkinCare technology. SeneGence is making history in Advanced Moisturization with new SeneSerum-C, as well as helping you ease your sundrenched skin out of summer, repair and prepare for fall by reintroducing you to a few anti-aging favorites.

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Featured this month are the some of the most exceptional, innovative, and exciting new products and programs SeneGence has ever launched, as well as a few favorites revisited.
As you know, SeneGence skincare is packed with unique and exceptionally effective anti-aging qualities while our cosmetics also contain amazing long-lasting capabilities - they last as long as you do! As summer days transition into the hustle and bustle of autumn days, prepare your skin for a changing climate with Shea Butter Body Cream with SenePlex Complex. Hydrate your skin as you help counter the damage of sunny summer days now past. You, and your customers will love this proven SeneGence favorite.

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Have you tried SeneGence's latest product innovations and breakthroughs? SeneGence is making history with a new product category and our most advanced SkinCare yet: SeneSerum-C.

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You deserve the decadence of Diamonds. The savings are incredible, but the look is priceless. SeneGence Diamond LipSense with real diamond dust gives you a luxurious look. Now on sale, purchase to stock up and prepare for holiday sales. Drench yourself in diamonds.

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A SeneGence classic, Candlelight ShadowSense is back by popular demand! Order yours today - or try for the first time. Also keep in mind, if you like original Candlelight, you'll love these additional products available in the same shade: Candlelight Creme to Powder ShadowSense (with just a touch of shimmer) and natural concealer.
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Next, be sure to check out a brilliant, eye-opening product, SeneDerm EyeLuminator. Turn heads and make everyone look with this perfect combination of radiant skincare and stunning cosmetics. Try it today!

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Summer doesn't have to end! With back to school and business on the mind, new Creamy Pink LipSense and the complete Summertime and Creme LipSense collections will give you the perfect puckery pout to make your summer, and luscious lip color, last!

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SeneDerm Shea Butter Body Cream with SenePlex

Haven't you always wanted super smooth and silky skin? Feel ultra-luxurious and completely moisturized with SeneDerm Shea Butter Body Cream with SenePlex. Along with rich moisturizing olive oil, a natural source of tocopherols (vitamin E), it delivers deep conditioning unlike anything you're ever experienced. Enriched with the anti-aging properties of the SenePlex Complex and creamy emollients, our butter melts into your skin, just like the real thing, leaving it conditioned and restored.

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Here is a partial list of ingredients in the SeneDerm Shea Butter Body Cream with SenePlex:

Mineral Oil (refined for molecular sizing) is a clear and odorless oil. It is very mild and can't become a solid or clog pores.

Shea Butter and Olive Oil are both natural antioxidants high in unsaponifiables, which is a large group of compounds called plant sterolins. This ingredient is considered a must for emollience in skin care. Two of the natural oils with the highest unsaponifiables are shea butter and olive oil (followed closely by avocado oil and sesame oil). They have a superior moisturizing effect on the upper layer of the skin and can aid in reducing scars. They also help to boost the ability of the next, and our most important ingredient.

SenePlex Complex is the mechanism that speeds up the cellular renewal process. Producing cells faster is the fundamental process that produces plumper, firmer, healthy, beautiful, more luminous skin.

Retinyl Palmitate is a deriative of vitamin A. It is effective in improving skin texture, color and tone.

Tocopherol or vitamin E is considered to be an antioxidant superstar.

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How does the SenePlex Complex proide moisture content to the different parts of your body?

There are two ways to moisturize your skin: One is to drink water; the other one is to attract moisture from the air. There's water all around us - we just don't see it. It's called water vapor. Think about it: When the relative humidity is 95%, you know it's very moist in the air.

Different parts of your body have varying moisture contents. When SenePlex penetrates the skin, it normalizes the moisture content for the part of the body to which it is applied. It won't alter the moisture content of your skin or provide additional moisture to any unneeded areas of the skin. The complex helps to balance and restore moisture content within areas of the skin where levels need to be increased. It's the skin and SenePlex together that actually creates a restoration process. SenePlex creates the mechanism for the cells and the body to balance the moisture content of the skin.

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Indulge in a spa facial!

The weather wreaks havoc on the skin - from steamy summer days, arid autumn afternoons to crisp winter nights, air conditioning, heating, sun, wind and all the elements can have your body screaming for moisture. Try this:

Instead of removing your SenseCosmetics with Fooops, use SeneDerm Shea Butter Body Cream with SenePlex. Gently massage it in, all over your face and your make-up will just melt away. It's true! (Remember the commercial for good old fashioned cold cream?) Then, gently place a warm wash cloth on your face and feel the steam and stress just fade away. Rinse and repeat with the warm wash cloth until the color is gone completely. For those with normal to oily skin, you are finished. No need to further moisturize. For those with normal to dry skin, you may choose to follow up with washing your face with your SeneDerm with SenePlex 3-in-1 Cleanser, and moisturize with your choice of SeneDerm with SenePlex Evening Moisturizers, Normal to Oily or Normal to Dry Evening Moisturizer. Your skin will feel amazing! This is one of Joni's favorite ways to treat herself at the end of a long day.

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Ideal for post-shower or bathing to seal in moisture

Applying SeneDerm Shea Butter Body Cream with SenePlex immediately post shower while skin is still damp ensures that humectants lock in the highest possible leel of hydration. To layer SenePlex complex, first moisturize with SeneDerm Body Lotion.

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A small dollop-sized drop of SeneDerm Shea Butter Body Cream with SenePlex can be applied to damp, clean hair as a deep leae-in treatment for dry and extremely damaged hair. Comb through, place a shower cap on and run your blow dryer over the cap for approximately five minutes. The heat allows the hair follicles to open up and receive the nutrients. Leave on for 20 minutes and wash thoroughly with very warm water followed by a cool water final rinse.

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SeneDerm Shea Butter Body Cream with SenePlex is a wonderful massage lubricant that works deep into the tissue to repair skin damaged from dryness, cuts, old scars and over-exposure of outdoor elements.

Keep hands and nails looking salon-finished by keeping them protected: SeneDerm Shea Butter Body Cream with SenePlex works wonders on thin or brittle nails while protecting and strengthening.

Take care of the man in your life. Set a jar by his bed side for nighttime application to help alleviate extremely dry and rough skin. Even your rugged man can have smooth, healthy skin!

Pretty as a pedicure: Treating Rough, Dry Feet

Use SeneDerm Shea Butter Body Cream with SenePlex on CLEAN, MOIST feet very night, thoroughly massaging in the cream. Don't forget to also start the day with a dab!

Cracked heels are uncomfortable and not very pretty - you can forget flip flops or strappy heels. During cooler months, you may be able to run, but you can't hide. Cold weather and indoor heat zap moisture away. Regardless of the season, your best bet is to exfoliate daily while you're in the shower using a pumice stone or foot files (they're like nail files, only bigger) to soften calluses. Then carefully pat them dry and immediately apply SeneDerm Shea Butter Body Cream with SenePlex. It targets your most damaged of problem areas. Before bed, slather it on and slip into a pair of socks for intense healing while you sleep.

Listen To Your Skin: Fun factoids

The tendency to over-moisturize undermines the skin's capacity to keep itself taut. Allow yourself to be guided by the changing condition of your skin - it's perfectly all right to go bare occasionally.

Skin is the largest organ of the body and has two layers: The outer layer (or EPIDERMIS) produces sebum which is oil that makes the layer water-proof; the inner layer or DERMIS has oil (sebaceous) glands, sweat glands, nerves, blood vessels and hair follicles.

Skin helps to get rid of toxins.

30,000 dead skin cells fall off the epidermis every minute. These dead skin cells make up at least 90% of the dust around the house.

Light skin has a higher tendency to wrinkle compared to dark skin.

Tips for Dry Skin

Learn To Love Plants -

Plants perform much the same job as a humidifier, keeping more moisture in the air. Keep them watered and see what a difference they can make. (This must be why Joni surrounds herself with plants in her home and in the office!)

Exercise -

Exercise increases blood flow and thus the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your skin. These factors help skin look dewy and firm, undermining dry skin's brittle stiffness.

Water is your best friend!

Stay hydrated on the inside and SeneDerm Shea Butter Body Cream will take care of the outside!

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